Questions and Answers

Questions about the brand DT Spare Parts

Are the products of the brand DT Spare Parts sold directly to workshops and transportation companies?

The products of the brand DT Spare Parts are only sold through authorised distribution partners (trade) of Diesel Technic. In consultation with your distribution partner in Europe, orders can be delivered directly from Diesel Technic to workshops, transportation companies and your local retailer to save time. Settlement is handled by the distribution partner. Please ask your distributor about this option.

As a workshop or transportation company, how do I find a local Diesel Technic distribution partner?

Please send us your enquiry using the contact form and indicate the spare parts’ distributor through which you currently obtain your spare parts. We would like to provide you with a selection of our distribution partners in your area. You are already able to compile product enquiries using the product enquiry form on the Partner Portal

How does Diesel Technic ensure the continuously high product quality?

The Diesel Technic Quality System (DTQS) is the guarantor for the consistently high level of quality and the continuous product optimisation. Further information regarding our standards, processes and responsibilities can be found at www.dtqs.de.

How do I apply to Diesel Technic as an employee, apprentice/dual student?

On the career website you will find all information on how to apply and which vacancies, apprenticeship training and study places are currently open. It is possible to submit an unsolicited application at any time.

Questions regarding the Product Search and the Partner Portal

Where can I search and decode products? How does the product search work?

Please retrieve the Partner Portal. You will find the search box centrally above. Please enter your term there, e.g. DT, SA, OE/OEM, reference or competitor number, and confirm the entry. There are also digital catalogues, which are accessible for free.

What is the Partner Portal?

The Partner Portal of Diesel Technic is an comprehensive 24/7 online information and procurement platform for automotive parts and accessories: https://partnerportal.dieseltechnic.com. Workshops and transportation companies can use the Partner Portal also without login, in order to search and identify products, as well as to compile a product enquiry.

Questions about product catalogues and products

Where can I order product catalogues?

The digital product catalogues are freely accessible and can be used immediately: Digital product catalogues. Workshops and transportation companies in Europe can order print catalogues free of charge: Contact form

The news notifications on the websites and the Parts Specialists info newsletter inform about the new catalogues, which you can order using the contact form.

How can I provide feedback about the products/services?

Workshops and transportation companies can provide us with their feedback through the product enquiry form on the Partner Portal.

Where can I find technical information/data and product features for the items?

For workshops and transportation companies: There is a lot of further information, such as product details, photos, applications, assembly instructions, accessories, media links, etc. which is accessible through the free product search on the Partner Portal.

For further questions, please contact our Parts Specialists directly: parts-specialists@dieseltechnic.com

Questions regarding availability and delivery time

What are the delivery periods for products?

For workshops and transportation companies: If the product is not readily available from the distributor, please coordinate directly with the distributor with regards to the shipping options/delivery periods. In consultation with the distribution partner a direct delivery to your workshop is possible to save time.

Where can I check the availibility of products?

On the article detail page within the Partner Portal, you can request the regional availibility of products for your country. After selection of your country, you will receive information about the availibility of your responsible Diesel Technic company. Please request the local availibility at your distribution partner on site. We are pleased to provide you with a selection of our distribution partners in your area.

Questions regarding the Aftersales Service (returns, delivery differences, guarantee claims)

I have a problem with a product or an order/delivery. How do I proceed?

All forms regarding the aftersales service (returns, delivery differences, guarantee cases) can be found in the download area. If you want to help your dealer with a quick processing, you can use the PDF forms and fill in with the information known. The document must be handed to your distributor, who will forward it to Diesel Technic. 

Where will I find the guarantee conditions for products of the brand DT Spare Parts?

The guarantee conditions for the DT Spare Parts brand can be found in the download area.

The guarantee conditions are also included in the respective product catalogues.

What do I have to do if I have a guarantee claim?

Please check the proof of purchase for when the product was purchased. The guarantee period for the products of the brand DT Spare Parts is 24 months.

If your problem occurs within the guarantee period, please contact your distributor and/or Diesel Technic distribution partner who will inform Diesel Technic.

Checklist for the required information:

  • Customer number distribution partner (distributor), item no. (label)
  • Lot no. (label) or batch no. (item)
  • Delivery details/invoice
  • Detailed description of the damage (potentially photos)
  • Vehicle information

What is the lot no. for? How can I determine the lot no.?

The lot number ensures traceability of the product throughout the entire supply chain and enables a quick and targeted handling in the event of a guarantee claim. The lot no. can be found on the supply documentation, the item’s label on the packaging or on the item itself (batch no.). More information regarding the safeguarding of product quality can be found at www.dtqs.de.