Your brand for a good job

DT Spare Parts

All advantages of the brand DT Spare Parts for workshop professionals at a glance

On the new landing page the workshop experts can find their personal benefits for the brand DT Spare Parts. Under the motto "Your brand for a good job", all brand services are presented at a glance, which support and facilitate the everyday work in the workshop. 

The main advantage for workshop customers is the massive complete range with more than 35 000 spare parts for trucks, trailers, buses and transporters from a brand with high and fast availability. Local services are provided by numerous authorised brand dealers in more than 150 countries.

As an online service with an easy product search, the workshop professionals have access to more than 30 vehicle-specific product catalogues, accessible digital at and as a free pre-ordered printed catalogue at In addition, there is a time-saving free online product search, which can also be used on a smartphone. On the product details pages, you can find all the important information, for numerous products assembly instructions, product portraits ( and videos, such as the "Parts Specialists" with the truck master mechanics Björn and Lars ( are available. With the practical tips and tricks in the product portraits and videos, unnecessary installation problems should be avoided.

Products of the brand DT Spare Parts offer guaranteed quality and reduce stress in the workshop. Should there be a problem with a product of the brand DT Spare Parts, our 24-month guarantee still applies. The feedback from the workshop practice feeds directly into the product and services development and optimisation, leading to a continuous improvement of the product and service quality in order to increase customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.

It is important for the workshop professionals to be always well informed about the latest product developments. For this, the regular Specialists info newsletter is available, which can be subscribed to

A close cooperation and an open dialogue with the workshop professionals are very important for the common success, because only together solutions for a good job in the workshops can be developed. For this the DT Spare Parts brand is available on the social media Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and also via the contact form.