Support for daily workshop operations

DT Spare Parts

Assembly instructions for products of the brand DT Spare Parts help mechanics

With the continuously growing range of freely-accessible assembly instructions, Diesel Technic supports commercial vehicle mechanics during installation of spare parts of the brand DT Spare Parts. Illustrative explanations and useful product information ensure a smooth and trouble-free operation. Assembly instructions are currently available for over 3 000 products from DT Spare Parts. Distribution partners of the Aftermarket premium brand benefit from this service, which is intended to avoid complaints due to installation errors. 

The multi-lingual assembly instructions are created by master mechanics specialized in commercial vehicles and with extensive practical experience, in collaboration with the technical editorial office. The instructions are packed together with the products and are virtually impossible to overlook. If, due to the type of product, the assembly instructions cannot be included (in the case of brake drums, for example), a conspicuous new sticker will indicate that these can be downloaded online by entering the part number.

Assembly instructions are created, above all, for safety-related products which may only be fitted by qualified mechanics. This also applies in the case of specific products, where assembly errors repeatedly occur. Guarantee Management at the corporate headquarters of the Diesel Technic Group in Germany evaluates this information regularly and, where necessary, arranges for the creation of assembly instructions. They are the result of the continuing improvement process at Diesel Technic.

The brand DT Spare Parts currently offers more than 30 000 different spare parts suitable for trucks, trailers, buses and transporters of the European vehicle brands. The complete range already offers suitable spare parts for millions of reference numbers and is continuously being expanded. Distribution partners in more than 150 countries ensure that all spare parts of the brand DT Spare Parts are available and offer their customers an Aftermarket-Full-Service.