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New Parts Specialists video on the subject of cable harnesses and repair kits

Electrics are becoming increasingly important in commercial vehicles, which also increases the number of cables used. For this reason, the Parts Specialists dedicate their latest workshop video to the topic of cable harnesses, presenting various versions of the DT Spare Parts product brand and giving tips on installation.

In vehicles, wiring harnesses serve, among other things, to transmit information, signals and electricity. They are not only needed for the engine and the vehicle interior, but also for the chassis and the transmission. The Diesel Technic Partner Portal offers a wide range of variants for the different vehicle types.

Using the example of the engine wiring harness 6.65725, Lars and Kevin show what exactly needs to be paid attention to when checking. After a look at the distribution box of the central electrics, where troubleshooting can be carried out depending on the fault, Kevin demonstrates how the wiring harness runs to the engine. To ensure a better view, the cab is tilted. To ensure that the wiring harness can be fastened correctly with cable ties, there are corresponding markings for the connection points. Good fastening is important, among other things, to avoid chafing, knows Parts Specialist Kevin. In the next step, Lars explains where the large plug of the motor wiring harness is connected in order to distribute the current to the individual points.

The Parts Specialists use another example to illustrate that a supposed sensor fault can also be due to a defective cable. In this case, it is important to first check the sensor for its power supply. If this is not in order, it is then necessary to test the corresponding cable with the help of a circuit diagram and a multimeter in order to locate the source of the fault.

Since mistakes can easily happen when repairing cables, Lars and Kevin also give practical hints and tips on this: For one thing, it is important to make the right choice in the case of crimp connectors. The same applies to the tools needed, as unsuitable tools can damage the cable. Secondly, the cables must not be heated too much. It is also important to ensure that not too much of the cable is stripped.

In addition to cable harnesses, you can also find repair kits in the DT Sparts Parts range, such as the repair kit 1.32182. This has two pins, two seals, a connector housing and a rear cover for the cable. When assembling, pay attention not only to the polarity but also to the locking. When using crimp connectors, the cable cross-section must be taken into account when crimping. The subsequent heating ensures a 100 percent seal. Other possibilities for connecting two cables are solder and soldering fluid.

If there are problems with the so-called CAN bus lines, which are used for communication between the control units, it is difficult to diagnose using a multimeter. Lars and Kevin recommend using a diagnostic tester and an oscilloscope. When repairing the can-bus lines, special features must also be taken into account, which differ depending on the vehicle manufacturer. The information provided by the vehicle manufacturer must be taken into account.

All the work steps of the Parts Specialists can be seen in the video:

In addition to various engine wiring harnesses, the DT Spare Parts product range also includes injection valve wiring harnesses as well as wiring harnesses for the construction and agricultural industries. In addition, workshop professionals can find various repair kits for transporters and trucks in the DT Spare Parts range:

For technical questions, the Parts Specialists team is always available via the HelpDesk:

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