Parts specialists support workshop professionals with a video clip

DT Spare Parts

"Parts Specialists" video is released

The new "Parts Specialists" video supports workshop professionals with their daily work. In the clip, the two commercial vehicle master mechanics Björn and Lars demonstrate the exchanging of a driver's cabin tilt cylinder and the driver's cabin tilt pump in a truck. The video is available on Youtube:

In the video, the two "Parts Specialists" explain the exchanging of the two components - from loosening the first screw through to the test to make sure everything works. They proceed on a step-for-step basis and show what workshop professionals have to watch out for. For example, the audience learns about the problem which causes milky hydraulic oil and the pressure which prevails in the system.

Other videos are planned with new focuses. We are happy to receive suggestions for comments and proposals via our e-mail address and on Facebook: Users can also submit or share their own videos.

The video supplements the multilingual, illustrated assembly instructions of the DT Spare Parts brand, freely accessible via the product search on the brands website The offer supports trained mechanics, especially when it comes to installing safety relevant and complex products. It also helps to avoid assembly errors.