Further extended product range suitable for Volvo F/FL/N 10/12/16

DT Spare Parts

DT Spare Parts expands range of truck spare parts

The new spare parts catalogue from DT Spare Parts contains around 200 new products suitable for Volvo F/FL/N 10/12/16. Around 2 400 own products in the catalogue replace more than 4 600 reference numbers. In total, the range of DT Spare Parts brand currently already comprises more than 27 000 spare parts for trucks.

In addition to the product range suitable for Volvo F/FL/N 10/12/16, DT Spare Parts also offers spare parts suitable for Volvo FH/FM/FMX/NH 9/10/11/12/13/16 within the truck sector. Moreover, bus spare parts suitable for Volvo Bus B 10/12 with TD/THD engine and suitable for Volvo Bus B 9/11/12/13 with D/DH engine can also be ordered from DT Spare Parts. In total, DT Spare Parts offers more than 7 000 spare parts suitable for the Volvo automotive brand.

The DT Spare Parts product range is continually being expanded according to the ‘everything from one brand’ principle. The range includes special repair kits, which contain all the parts required for a particular repair under a parts set number. A special feature of the DT Spare Parts product brand is the 24-month guarantee on the entire brand range for workshop customers.

All spare parts suitable for Volvo are updated on a daily basis and can be searched for on the brand’s website at www.dt-spareparts.com and found in the Partner Portal at partnerportal.dieseltechnic.com. The digital product catalogues are available online now at dcat.dt-spareparts.com. The printed spare parts catalogues for workshops can be requested as usual via the form on cat.dt-spareparts.com and from local sales partners.

All products from DT Spare Parts can also be found in TecDoc, Inforicambi, Info Truck, Precisio Truck, Atelio Truck and other electronic spare parts catalogues, and can also be ordered via Diesel Technic’s distribution partners.