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Product Portrait

4.65501 Switching device, gear shift lever

The switching device 4.65501 generates the hydraulic signals required for changing gears, depending on the gear preselected by the driver.

A void-free aluminium housing, manufactured in a high-pressure process, contains four switching pistons made with high precision, which are sealed against thecome out of the hydraulic medium by high-quality sealing elements. Two pressure sensors monitor the mandatory operating pressure. The oil tank contains the necessary oil supply for reliable operation. A rubber sleeve avoids moisture and dirt penetration.

Tips & Tricks

It is important to shift the gearbox to neutral before dismantling the switching device. Afterwards, first disconnect the supply pipe and then disconnect the electrical plug connections. In the last step of ismantling, the hydraulic lines are removed. The installation is carried out in reverse order. In doing so, the mounting torques must be observed. Now the hydropneumatic circuit can be vented. Make sure that there is no deformation or dirt on the cone of the vent valve.

The bleeding device should always be filled and stand still so that no mixture of hydraulic fluid and air is produced. It is ideal if the fully filled bleeding device stands still for approximately six hours before venting.

Product link: 4.65501

Construction of the switching device

  1. Rubber sleeve
  2. Sealing elements
  3. Piston
  4. Pressure sensor 4.62966
  5. Oil tank 4.63902

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