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Product Portrait

1.11618 + 1.11619 Charge air hose

The charge air hoses 1.11618 and 1.11619 are characterised by high-quality workmanship. The correct material composition is particularly important for the long service life of the charge air hoses. The rubber combinations (MVQ/FMVQ or ECO/MVQ) withstand extreme temperatures and are insensitive to the oil mist that settles thinly on the inner wall of the charge air hoses.

At the same time, the products remain elastic due to defined folds and multi-layered textile inserts. The required stability of the charge air hoses is provided by stainless steel support rings and reinforcement rings at the ends of the hoses, which ensure perfect installation and a firm fit of the charge air hoses.

Tips & Tricks

The charge air hoses must not be interchanged due to different material compositions in order to avoid premature failure. If there is excessive oil or foreign matter such as metal chips in the charge air hoses, it must be checked whether there is a defect in the turbocharger and whether the charge air cooler must also be replaced.

When installing the charge air hoses, care must be taken to ensure that the charge air hoses and the clamp are installed in a perfect, tension-free position, as otherwise the air compressed by the turbocharger can escape. This can lead to power losses or even to turbocharger engine damage. If there is a leak, the engine indicator lamp may light up and the engine power may be reduced.

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Structure of the charge air hoses

  1. Textile insert
  2. Reinforcement rings inside
  3. Reinforcement rings outside
  4. Defined folds
  5. High-quality support rings made of stainless steel
  6. Precisely fitting clamps

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