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Product Portrait

6.65196 3/2-way valve, replaces Wabco: 571 040 000 0

The 3/2-way valve 6.65196 by DT Spare Parts brand is known by its first-class processing of individual parts as well as by its excellent precision fit. Based on the 12-point testing plan used for this product, the valve is evaluated for flawless function, correct dimensions and further optical characteristics to ensure trouble-free operation. 3/2-way valves are used in many areas of compressed air systems application. Connected consumer loads are controlled by linking or disconnecting the pressure line.

Tips & Tricks

The cause of a contaminated air system must be located and repaired before a new 3/2-way valve is connected. In order not to mix the connections, they should be marked before disassembling.

The air connection seals should be replaced to prevent leakage. The air lines must not be kinked to maintain continuous airflow. For the mounting screws and air connections, the specified tightening torque must not be exceeded in order to avoid damage to the threads.

Product link: 6.65196

Construction of the 3/2-way valve

  1. Energy supply
  2. Energy delivery
  3. Vent
  4. Gate

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