“Parts Specialists” provide tips regarding the cooling system

DT Spare Parts

In the new video, Björn and Lars look at repairing of the water pump

The “Parts Specialists” Björn and Lars are working hard again. In the newest episode the two commercial vehicle master mechanics take care of the cooling system and show what is important during the repair of a water pump.

Step by step, Björn and Lars show how to exchange the water pump in the best way and what should be taken into consideration when doing this. They also explain the temperature at which the thermostat can be opened and where this information can be found. Workshop professionals receive useful tips from the video, which could ease their everyday work and prevent stressful situations. In addition, Björn and Lars explain how the products are tested at Diesel Technic in order to guarantee optimal function. The new video is available at www.dt-web.tv and on YouTube: youtu.be/T34mFMyhL8o

The parts specialists’ videos supplement the multilingual, illustrated assembly instructions, which are already included with more than 3 000 products and are available through the freely accessible product search on the brand website www.dt-spareparts.com.

Also in the future, more videos will be produced by the Parts Specialists, which will support everyday work in the workshop. If you have suggestions for topics or proposals, please send them via email to parts-specialists@dieseltechnic.com or share them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DTSpareParts. A summary of all benefits and service offers from the brand DT Spare Parts for workshop professionals can be found here benefits.dt-spareparts.com. The Specialists info newsletter will also regularly inform you about news. The registration for the newsletter can be made at newsletter.dt-spareparts.com or via the contact form.