Wiper linkage, without wiper motor

Suitable for: Mercedes-Benz

Art. no.: 4.69453replaces 002 820 4441replaces 002 820 4441

The wiper linkage 4.69453 is responsible for transmitting the rotary motion of the wiper motor to the wiper arms. 

The wiper linkage consists of 2 wiper arm bearings, several interconnected joint rods and a bracket for the engine. The individual joint rods are moved by the rotary motion of the engine. This movement is transferred to the wiper arm bearings, which are also responsible for the constant movement of the wiper arms. The wiper arm bearings are protected against dust by a sleeve and the bushings are made of sintered bronze.

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Tips & tricks

Before dismantling, move the windscreen wipers to the end position. First dismantle the wiper arms and check the function of the joints / mounting teeth. Dismantle wiper motor, check electrical contacts. Dismantle the wiper linkage and clean the mounting brackets. 

Now mount the new wiper rod without tension. If the windscreen wiper system has not been brought to the end position before dismantling, it is recommended to control the wiper linkage without wiper arms and then bring it to the end position. Now the wiper arms can be mounted.

Structure of the wiper linkage

  1. Support tube
  2. Short wiper link
  3. Long wiper link
  4. Crank lever 
  5. Dust cover
  6. Vibration seal wiper links
  7. Vibration seal engine
  8. Bushing vibration seal engine
  9. Bushing vibration wiper links
  10. Nut (M 10)
  11. Wiper arm bearing
  12. Bearingseal
  13. Seal crank lever

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