Spring bolts

Suitable for: trucks, trailers and buses

replaces Multibrandreplaces Multibrand

Spring bolts are safety-relevant components and, together with the spring bushing, are used to connect axle springs and frame holder. The high-strength connecting elements are available in various geometric forms, according to the application, area of use and the requirements. Depending on the construction of the axle spring and the corresponding spring bushing, different types are used.

Production of spring bolts is carried out using CNC- aided turning and milling. After forming, the surface of the component is tempered by case hardening. This modern hardening process guarantees optimum hardening results and a consistently high quality. Finally, the spring bolts are ground to the precise fit size.

Unlike normal screws, spring bolts do not have a metric thread, but a special thread with a 90° flank angle to match the corresponding spring bushing.

For secure attachment, the spring bolts of the brand DT® Spare Parts have either a ring groove on the head or are fixed to the console by means of a cotter pin in the castle nut.


For wear-free operation of the spring bolt and the spring bushing, an adequate supply of lubricant to the contact surfaces is necessary. So that a wear-inhibiting lubricating film can form, the spring bolt has two lubrication bores positioned opposite each other for even distribution of the lubricant.

The use of high-quality spring bolts increases the safety and reliability of commercial vehicles. Particularly in the case of safety-relevant parts, installation should only be carried out by trained specialist staff. When replacing spring bolts, the simultaneous replacement of the corresponding spring bushing is also recommended.

In addition to spring bolts, DT® Spare Parts offers all standard spring bushes, spring bolt sets, lubrication nipples and nuts. The “Special DT Kits” contain all the products required for a change of axle springs under one parts kit number. In catalogues they are marked with the letter “S”.

Construction of spring bolts

  1. Grease nipple fitting
  2. Ring groove
  3. 90° flank angle
  4. Lubrication bore