Suitable for: Renault

Art. no.: 6.37026replaces 74 20 920 724replaces 74 20 920 724

Due to its integrated catalytic converter, the Euro 4/5 silencer provides a drastic reduction of pollutant and noise emissions, as well as a reduction of fuel consumption.

The silencer 6.37026 is characterized by its high heat resistance and durability, as well as a high-quality finish. The housing of the silencer is made entirely of stainless steel. The perfect fit ensures easy installation without additional modifications to the vehicle. The built-in catalytic converter is made of ceramic and is equipped with a special coating, leading to a reduction in pollutant emissions.

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Tips & Tricks

Before renewing the silencer, all mounting and fastening elements should be checked, in order to avoid a delay in the repair. With the help of a lifting device, the old silencer can easily be dismantled and the new one optimally aligned to the old mountings.

A zinc paste facilitates the installation of the attachment parts.

The correct torque should be observed to avoid material deformation. After renewal, a leak test should be performed on the exhaust System. The dismantled element is to be disposed of in an environmentally compatible manner.

Construction of silencers

  1. Outlet pipe
  2. Inlet pipe
  3. Bottom housing cover

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