Crankshaft gear

Suitable for: Renault, Scania, Volvo

Art. no.: 2.10378replaces 8170192replaces 8170192

The crankshaft gear drives two different intermediate gears: one intermediate gear transmits power to the camshaft gear, which in turn drives the valve mechanism via the camshaft. This ensures opening and closing of the valves. The other intermediate gear drives the lubricating oil pump, which pumps the oil to the moving parts of the engine. 

To ensure the quality of our gears, items are regularly checked on a gear measuring machine. With an accuracy of 3 μm, even the smallest profile displacements or deviations at pressure and helix angles can be detected. This ensures quiet operating noise and low wear.

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Tips & tricks

The installation site must be cleaned and checked for dimensional accuracy. The adjacent mounting components (hub / washer /mounting bolt) must be checked for wear and replaced depending on findings. 

The mounting bolt must be mounted with the torque specified by the manufacturer. After repair, an engine oil service should be carried out.

Further properties of the gear

  1. Teeth have a helix angle of 10°
  2. Involute toothing ensures low abrasion 
    and even power transmission

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