Clutch cylinder, with sensor

Suitable for: MAN

Art. no.: 3.41108replaces FTE: MKG23852.4.3replaces FTE: MKG23852.4.3

When the clutch pedal is operated, the movement of the piston causes pressure to build up in the clutch master cylinder, which is passed through the hydraulic line to the slave cylinder. From here, the pressure is relayed to the release mechanism, which opens the clutch and thus breaks the fl ow of power from the engine to the transmission.

Position sensors on the master cylinder ensure greater effi ciency and precision in power transmission, thus ensuring greater safety, comfort and emission control.

Burr-free piston bearing surfaces and high-quality sealing materials guarantee a long life cycle.

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Tips & tricks

Before assembly, replace the seals of the connecting cables. If equipment is contaminated or overdue for service, it must be replaced. Attention: Use only approved equipment. Check pedal system for damage and function.

Also check the function of the electrical activation and air supply. Scratches and kinks on air ducts or electrical contacts can cause malfunction. The system must then be vented and set up as required for the specifi c vehicle.

Composition of the clutch cylinder

  1. Piston rod
  2. Piston bearing surface
  3. Sealing rings
  4. Position sensor

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