Charge pressure sensor

Renault, Volvo

Art. no.: 2.27172replaces Multibrandreplaces Multibrand
The charge pressure sensor 2.27172 with integrated temperature sensor enables the fast and accurate measurement of the pressure and temperature of the intake air. In this way, it supports the exact control of the fuel quantity and the optimisation of untreated emissions.

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Tips & tricks

First, check the boost pressure system for leaks and read the pressure values from the control unit. Subsequently, dismantle the sensor, check the assembly location and clean it. Then mount the sensor with the specified assembly torque. Lay the electrical cables free from voltage and without pinch or abrasion points. If there is no damage or oxidation to the connection plug, install the electrical plug. The function test follows: Check the pressure values with the diagnostic tester. If an anti-interference capacitor is not installed for the sensor, this can be retrofitted to increase the durability of the charge pressure sensor.

Structure of the Charge pressure sensor

  1. Outer casing
  2. Ceramic element
  3. O-rings
  4. Housing temperature sensor
  5. Temperature sensor
  6. Brass housing
  7. O-ring  
  8. Shrink tubing
  9. Blind plug
  10. Connector

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