Cabin tilt pump

Suitable for: Renault, Volvo

Art. no.: 6.76009

When actuated, the 6.76009 Cabin tilt pump generates the necessary pressure to tilt the driver’s cab. In order to ensure a safe working under the tipped open cab, the quality of the 6.76009 hydraulic pump is decisive. High-quality components such as hardened cams and pistons, as well as piston sealing elements made of permanently oil-resistant and abrasion-resistant material, ensure problem-free operation. Furthermore, a durable oil-proof pump with a non-swelling flat gasket and shaft seal rings has been constructed, that can withstand even the extreme conditions created by the use of salt in winter.

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Tips & Tricks

If the oil in the hydraulic circuit is mixed with water at the time of repair (oil is milky) or if there is a foreign substance in the oil, the hydraulic system must be flushed. When filling the new hydraulic pump, an oil that is approved by the manufacturer must be used. In order to bleed the hydraulic circuit, the driver’s cab must be fully tilted once and then returned to the driving position. When tilting the driver’s cab, it may be necessary to top up with oil several times. When tilting back the cab, excess oil may leak out from the hydraulic pump.

The lines must not be interchanged during assembly in order to ensure the functions according to the manufacturer‘s specifications.

Construction of the hydraulic pump

  1. Hydraulic adapter 
  2. Seal ring
  3. Piston
  4. Sealing elements
  5. Pressure relief valve
  6. Locking screw
  7. Gasket
  8. Reservoir
  9. Actuating cam
  10. Oil filter

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