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In hydraulic systems, air is one of the main causes of malfunctions. It is therefore essential that the clutch system is correctly vented after repairs have been carried out or after components have been replaced. If this is not performed, there is a risk of malfunctions in the vehicle‘s system, which can be seen, for example, by the following symptoms:

  • Change of the pedal travel
  •  Separation problems of the clutch
  • Imprecise pedal feel



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Tips & tricks

During bleeding, check that the clutch pedal is fully retracted so that hydraulic fluid can flow freely. Keep an eye on the liquid level in the expansion tank. Keep the vent pressure as low as possible. Slowly flowing fluid carries more air out of the system than fast flowing fluid. Do not actuate the clutch pedal during the bleeding process as this may disengage the hydraulic cylinders too far, resulting in leakage.

When venting the switching cylinder, ensure that the components in the hydraulic system are in order and approved for the respective equipment. Correct the filling level in the appliance before starting work. Carry out the venting on the switching system according to the instructions in the enclosed manual. In addition, the respective vehicle manufacturer‘s instructions must be taken into account in order to vent all circuits. Carry out an extensive test run and then check the system for leaks. Correct the filling level.

In the clip, the two commercial vehicle master mechanics demonstrate the exchanging of a driver‘s cabin tilt cylinder and the driver‘s cabin tilt pump in a truck. They proceed on a step-for-step basis and show what workshop professionals have to watch out for. For example, the audience learns about the problem which causes milky hydraulic oil and the pressure which prevails in the system. The video is available 
on Youtube: