Air filter cartridges for air dryer units

Suitable for: trucks and buses

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In order to reduce the moisture in a compressed air circuit, DT® Spare Parts recommends the regular exchange of filter cartridges in air dryer units (it is compulsory that the manufacturer‘s instructions are observed).

Moisture can cause corrosion which can have a lasting negative effect on the brake system, e.g. damages can occur in the lines and containers or lubricating films can form which dilute and freeze in temperatures below zero.

DT® brand air dryer cartridges filter oil particles from the air which could penetrate the compression chamber through the engine oil lubrication of the compressor. Oil residues cause impurities or cause sealing surfaces in brake valves to clog.

Modern DT® filter cartridges (with coalescence filter) also prevent aerosols* penetrating the brake system.


The DT® filter cartridges for air dryer units are distinguished by:

  • Resistance against corrosion (interior and exterior)
  • Absolutely tight seals
  • Pressure resistance (refer to detailed product information)
  • Excellent drying properties

Configuration of a DT® air dryer cartridge with coalescence filter:

  1. Thread socket
  2. Sealing ring made of NBR** (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber)
  3. Covers made of synthetic material
  4. High quality dry granules
  5. Filter element with coalescence medium
  6. Spring
  7. Housing made of coated steel plate

* Aerosols are fine oil particles that enter the circuit through highly developed engine oils, attack the rubber parts in brake valves, and can cause lasting damage to their function.
** NBR has good mechanical properties, temperature resistance between -50 °C and +110°C, and a high wear resistance that guarantees good resistance against mineral oils.