Air dryer, with heating unit

suitable for: DAF, Mercedes-Benz

Art. no.: 4.69830replaces Wabco: 932 400 024 0replaces Wabco: 932 400 024 0

The amount of water vapour present in the compressed air is extracted by means of granulate material with the help of an air dryer, which is located between the pressure regulator and the multi-circuit protection valve and this is then led outside via the vent of the dryer. The task of filtration is extremely important since humid air can freeze in winters and/or interfere with the braking function through corrosion.

The air dryer 4.69830 by the brand DT Spare Parts is known by its first-class processing of individual parts as well as by its excellent precision fit. 
Based on the 22-point testing plan used for this product, the air dryer is evaluated for flawless function, correct dimensions and further optical characteristics to ensure trouble-free operation.

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Tips & tricks

Before replacing the item, it is important to check the dismantled item. If dirt or oil particles are visible when the air dryer cartridge is dismantled, the compressed air system must be cleaned. If oil accumulates in the air dryer, the oil discharge of the air compressor should be checked. Mark connecting lines before dismantling to ensure that no lines are interchanged. 

Replace sealing rings/screw connections depending on the condition. Function and leak test should be carried out before assembly.

Structure of the air dryer

  1. Air dryer cartridge
  2. Safety valve
  3. Heating cable
  4. Electrical connector
  5. Aluminium housing

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