ABS ring

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Art. no.: 1.17166replaces 1790708replaces 1790708

The gear-like shaped ABS ring (also rotor or sensor ring) acts as a counterpiece to the ABS speed sensor (ABS sensor) for recording the speed or the speed change of the wheel on which it is installed.

The constant alternation of tooth and tooth space during wheel rotation causes a change to the magnetic field in the ABS sensor, resulting in the induction of sinusoidal AC voltages. Their frequency depends on the wheel speed and is evaluated by the ABS control unit. The ABS ring is made of high-quality steel and is coated with a surface protector. To ensure a 100% precision fit and function, the ABS ring is tested using our coordinate measuring machine.

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Tips & tricks

The ABS ring is a safety-relevant component of the brake system. During disassembly, the material and the material coating become deformed. The ABS ring should not be used more than once, otherwise an electronic error in the brake system occurs.

Before installation, clean the mounting surface and check for dimensional tolerance. Place the ABS ring on the mounting location and install it with the stipulated assembly tool. Check the ABS sensor (sliding sensors) for free movement and, in the case of fixed sensors, check that they are firmly secured. Then set the spacing of the ABS sensor/ABS ring.

ABS ring structure:

ABS rings are round in shape, as they are installed in and on wheel hubs, brake discs or drive shafts. Therefore, the installation diameter must be absolutely correct. ABS rings are distinctive on account of their teeth and tooth spaces.

  1. Tooth
  2. Tooth space

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