Thermostat, with gasket

Suitable for: Iveco, Renault

رقم المقالة: 6.30304

Thermostat 6.30304 ensures that when the liquid is cooling the motor achieves its optimal operating temperature as quickly as possible and also maintains it. In order to ensure this, the thermostat opens as soon as the optimal operating temperature is achieved and closes again if the temperature falls under the optimal temperature range.

As soon as the operating temperature of 83°C is achieved, the wax filling melts in the thermostat and expands. This leads to the metal case being moved on the working piston. When this happens, the cooling circuit is opened and simultaneously the bypass circuit is closed, whereby the cooling agent can run through the cooler. As soon as the temperature falls below 83°C, the wax filling solidifies again and the thermostat closes with the aid of a return spring. The cooling agent then runs back along the bypass circuit to the motor.

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Tips & tricks

Drain before repairing the equipment. Check the equipment for contamination / antifreeze content and replace depending on what is found. 

Open thermostat housing, remove thermostat, observe mounting position and clean the mounting surfaces. Replace thermostat and seal and fill equipment according to manufacturer specifications. Ventilate cooling and heating systems: Start the motor and let it run for 5 minutes with different speeds and correct the coolant level while doing so. Turn off the motor, correct the coolant level. Check the motor cooling system for impermeability.

Structure of the thermostat

  1. Piston
  2. Flange
  3. Valve
  4. Frame
  5. Element with wax filling
  6. Mainspring
  7. Bolts
  8. Bypass spring
  9. Bypass valve
  10. Washer
  11. Bleed valve

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