King pin kits

Suitable for: trucks, trailers and buses

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King pins are safety-relevant components and are used to connect axle and wheel.

For easier maintenance and repair, the DT® Spare Parts brand offers repair kits composed of all the components required for the exchange of king pins. Different kit components are used, depending on the construction of the steering knuckle.

King pin kits are composed of king pins as centrepiece of the steering knuckle, slide bearing bushings and roller bearings. Depending on the area of application, the kits are additionally equipped with oil seals, thrust washers, o-rings, shims and lubrication nipples. To ensure a long service life, all components are precisely matched.

Critical for the optimal functioning of the king pins are the plain bearing bushings. These are adapted to the use of the vehicle and can be made of a solid material, such as slide brass. Plain bearing bushings made of solid material require more space, but are more resistant to external influences, such as contamination or shocks. They are characterised by good emergency running properties.


Polyoxymethylene (POM)-coated plain bearing bushings are characterised by their excellent frictional properties and require low-maintenance.

The composite plain bearing bushings consist of a rolled tin-steel-back with a sintered tin-bronze layer and a firmly anchored coat of POM. For optimal absorption of grease, lubricating pockets are integrated into the covering layer.

Plastic plain bearing bushings are created by an injection moulding process and are produced to very tight tolerances. The good thermal properties and the addition of fillers during production ensure maintenance-free dry operation.

In some cases, needle bearings are used instead of plain bearing bushings. They are characterised by high load capacity, in spite of small space requirements.

In addition to king pin kits, DT® Spare Parts also offers further spare parts for the front axle, such as wheel hubs, wheel bearings and repair kits.

Construction of king pin kits

  1. King pin
  2. Slide bearing bushing
  3. Roller bearing
  4. Needle bearing
  5. Oil seal
  6. Thrust washer
  7. Shim
  8. O-ring
  9. Grease nipple