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Product Portrait

Belt tensioners for trucks and buses

The DT Spare Parts brand offers a complete range with more than 30 000 different spare parts for trucks, trailers and buses, including all standard belt tensioners.

The DT brand products, made of high quality materials, meet your highest quality requirements and guarantee a long period of use.

Belt tensioners are used to maintain the optimal tension of the V-belt or multiribbed belt, as well as to dampen belt vibration in the belt drive resulting from load variations on the engine or on an auxiliary unit.

DT-Technic Info

We distinguish between mechanically and hydraulically damped belt tensioning units.

Today, automatic belt tensioners usually replace the formally used, manually adjusted tensioning units.
After installation, they independently maintain the belt at a defined tension.

Automatic tensioning units are equipped with an additional mechanical damping. This guarantees a quiet belt run.

The integrated spring assembly in the automatic belt tensioners ensures optimal belt tension. Jumping-off of the belt is thus avoided.

The belt tensioning units are designed for precise belt running, so that operating noise and wear on the belt is kept to a minimum.

Only maintenance-free bearings from well-known OEM manufacturers are used in DT brand belt tensioners. In the case of plastic tensioners, these always have a glass-fibre content against premature wear, thus avoiding costly downtime between replacement intervals.

360° Picture

Construction of mechanically damped belt tensioning units using the example of
DT No. 5.41435

  1. Bolts
  2. Dust cap
  3. Tensioner with maintenance-free bearings
  4. Cover
  5. Damper unit
  6. Retaining arm
  7. Spring bushing
  8. Mainspring
  9. Spring band
  10. Bushing
  11. Axle tube
  12. Spring housing

Recommended replacement intervals for V-belts and multiribbed belts:

Vehicle / UsageInspection   Replacement
Building site traffic45.000 km90.000 km
Local and
60.000 km120.000 km
Bus60.000 km120.000 km

For security reasons, we also recommend checking or replacement of all belt pretensioners to change.

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